Here at the Happen Agency we have many questions that come up and we want to better serve you by having a place where you can find an answer. 


How can I go out more? 

We are SO glad you asked! As your agents, we chose to represent you because we want to partner with you in you achieving your dreams!

We are on your team- and have some key pointers for you as we gear up for this upcoming year. We ask that you take heed and make any adjustments ASAP! 

what should my Headshots look like? 

Not only should you have strong head shots that capture your essence, but they need to look like you! Please have head shots that look like the age you are, the color you are, the weight you are.

If we think you need new head shots, we will be emailing you separately with specific recommendations. 

should i be Casting director workshops and classes? 

These are VITAL! Casting sees 2-3 THOUSAND submissions per role. They will only grab people they already know or new people who have a strong head shots and/or resume. Can you blame them?


Can i have a reel?

You must have up-to-date, quality reels. Or even better- CLIPS. Please update these as soon as new footage of you is available.

Mostly pertaining to your Actors Access profile, but if you have aired commercials, please add to your L.A. Casting profile as well. You can cut together your own reel, or have a friend or hired professional do this for you.

YES! So many projects are being shot out of the country. You'll be missing out on a lot of opportunities without a passport.

Do I really need a passport?

Make sure you read the date, time, and address of the audition. You don't want to show up on the wrong day, or to the wrong place. Also, make sure you go in looking like your character. (Ex: If the character calls for a suit, don't go in wearing flip flops and a tank top.)

I've got an audition! Now what do I do?

No. You've paid to put up the shots, and unless your look has drastically changed, the old ones might still come in handy. Casting only sees the shot we submit, so it can't hurt to give us as many choices as possible to choose form. 

Should I take my old headshots down when I get new ones?

No, we take on Non-Union talent as well. 

Do I have to be a SAG member to join your agency?

Before we accept any children, they need to have a valid work permit.

What does my child need to start working?

how often do i update my Resume?

PLEASE update you resume every time you get a new credit! 

what is a Slateshot?

 (Actors Access accounts only)

A slateshot is a 5-10 seconds introducing yourself. Yes- casting does look at this. Yes- it makes your profile a stronger choice amongst thousands of other submitted actors.

Click here for more info: http://www.actorsaccess.com/content/aboutslateshots.cfm

when should i be available for auditions/bookings?

(7 days a week)  We cannot stress enough the importance of booking out IN ADVANCE. We at The Happen Agency are constantly submitting you for jobs, and we need to know if you're not available. If you're going out of town, or are unavailable for any reason, you need to let us know as soon as you make the plans. It is never too early to book out with us. Booking out at the last minute, or AFTER we send you an audition, is never okay. 

What about improv training?

Casting, especially on the commercial side, is always looking to see what improv training you have. The best improv classes out the are *Second City, IO West, UCB, and Groundlings. Or, if you are part of an improv group, let us know! We can make a note when we submit you that will greatly increase your chance of getting in the room. 


*Training classes are linked to that particular website. You can access this by clicking on the workshop or improv training area.



If you have any other questions please contact us directly by emailing: info@thehappenagency.com